April 15, 2024

Today, Mayor Bass delivers her State of City of Address

Around the Corner

Breakdown of what’s been happening lately:
  • LA City Council voted on April 2 to create an ordinance for easier construction of deed-restricted affordable housing on church-owned land

  • Former mayor of Santa Monica filed a ballot measure to amend Measure GS, the “mansion tax”, to exempt the sale of multifamily housing

  • ATC has added Culver City! ATC subscribers can now access 20+ years of planning and permit history, including fire, engineering, and cannabis permits

The Week Ahead

LA Mayor Bass to deliver State of the City Address today (April 15) at 5:30 pm

April 16 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt Committee

  • General public comment on Motion requesting City Planning to prepare an ordinance to establish a new density bonus for large family units in multi-family buildings and related matters

  • 1346 North Fairfax Ave, CPC-2023-4983-DB-PHP-HCA: Decision on appeal from North Orange Grove Residents for LA regarding CE determination for the demolition of an existing SFD and the construction of a new 14,143 sf, 100% affordable, 4-story residential apartment building containing 26 residential units (20 LI, 5 MI), utilizing the State Density Bonus Program

  • 7315–7321 West Pyramid Pl, DIR-2022-4412-WDI-1A: Decision on appeal from Angelenos for Trees regarding CE approval as the environmental clearance for the construction, use, and maintenance of a new 3,765 sf, 3-story SFD with an attached 380 sf street level, two-car garage on a lot fronting on a Substandard Hillside Limited Street

April 17 | West LA Planning Commission

  • 1001 East Venice Blvd, ZA-2021-1571-CUB-CDO-1A: Decision on appeal of on-site sale and dispensing of beer and wine in conjunction with the expansion of an existing 780 sf cafe with 12 interior seats, including a new 735 sf patio with 36 seats

  • 148 North Chautauqua Blvd, APCW-2022-3115-DRB-SPP-SPE-CDP-MEL: Applicant requests that the matter be continued to a date uncertain. Project is demolition of existing unpermitted structures and the construction of a new 12-foot, six-inch tall, 3-story mixed-use structure consisting of a covered parking lot on the ground level, 1,415 sf of office use on the level below, and two dwelling units on the lowermost level in Pacific Palisades.

April 17 | City of Santa Monica Planning Commission

  • 129 Hart Ave, 23ENT-0132: Appeal of the Architectural Review Board’s approval (23ARB-0113) for building design, colors, and materials for a two-story addition and restoration of an existing residence in the potential South Beach Historic District. The project would add an approximately 920 sf second story and increase the ground floor by approximately 463 sf. The Planning Commission will consider compliance under CEQA.

  • 2651 Main St, 23ENT-0186: CUP to allow a Type-47 (on-premise Beer, Wine, and General Spirits) alcohol license in conjunction with a new restaurant located in the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) zone. The proposed project is for an approximately 4,663 sf ground-floor restaurant with 211 seats.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

  • 1566 Lyman Pl, DIR-2024-2344-SPPC: Change of use from M-Retail in Shell Building to B-Business

  • 4242 Crenshaw Blvd, TT-84247-HCA: Tentative tract map to subdivide existing (T)R1 lot (49,610.3 sf) lot with existing SFD (1,200 sf) into 6 R1 lots

  • 343 S Avenue 20, ADM-2024-2358-DB-HCA-ED1: Demo of the existing structures for the construction of a 46-unit ED1, 51-ft apartment building with 0 automobile parking spaces located in the Cornfield Arroyo Seco SP zoned RD2-1

Culver City

  • 8432 Steller Dr, P2024-0091: Administrative Site Plan Review (ASPR) for Conversion of Existing Industrial Building to Office Use with 5,748 sf of additional floor area

  • 5813 Washington Blvd, P2024-0082: New 3-story, 46,309 sf office development, with two levels of subterranean parking (82 stalls with reduced parking dimensions), new rooftop wireless telecommunication facility, and associated site improvements. Application to demolish all existing site improvements, including 1- and 2-story commercial/office buildings totaling 10,526 sf surface parking lot

Highlighted Completions

  • 6915 Reseda Blvd, DIR-2022-2692-TOC-CDO-SPR-HCA: Approved with conditions a 5-story, 62-unit mixed-use building (5 ELI units), receiving 11% density increase as per TOC incentive program. Demolition of existing commercial building and a take-out food stand.

  • 18111 Nordoff St, CPC-2021-6426-GPA: Approved change of designation of Lindley Avenue & change to classification segment of Etiwanda Avenue, contained within the campus boundaries of California State University

  • 4800 Melrose Ave, DIR-2023-1057-TOC-HCA: Approved TOC Tier 2 incentives for proposed 47,931 sf, 7-story, mixed-use building with 61 dwelling units (6 ELI) and ground floor commercial space. Includes 5-foot side and rear yard setbacks (instead of 10 ft) and 20% decrease in open space

  • 717 W 33Rd St, DIR-2023-4458-CDP-MEL: Coastal development permit with Mello Act compliance to convert an existing recreation room into a new ADU

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