April 1, 2024

March in Review 🐇

Around the Corner

ATC’s data analysis was mentioned in last week’s LAist article on family-sized affordable housing units. After analyzing ED1 project plans for ~15,000 units, we found that 92% of the units in the ED1 pipeline are studios or one-bedrooms. Two-bedroom units comprise about 6.6%, while three-bedroom units are less than 2%.

We are currently conducting a thorough ED1 analysis for ATC customers. Stay tuned!

March in Review 

City of LA Case Breakdown by Project Type:

  • Categorical Exemption (CE): 32

  • Executive Directive 1 (ED1): 31 (+50 Pre-Application Reviews, or PAR)

  • Conditional Use Beverage-Alcohol Permits (CUB): 18

  • Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC): 8 (+1 appeal)

  • Appeals: 9

  • SB9-Related Permits: 29

City of LA Cases

  • 10329 Siesta Dr, DIR-2024-1910-SPPC: One story addition (273 sf) to existing SFD with attached garage, relocating and extending the garage (108 sf) and remodeling the house

  • 4222 Vanetta Dr, AA-2024-1481-DPS: Deemed-to-be-approved private street in conjunction with existing SFD that was constructed in 1952

  • 1142 W 35Th St, DIR-2024-1933-TOC-VHCA: The demo of an existing building and the construction of a new 15,991 sf, 5-story, 13-unit apartment building (1 ELI and 1 VLI) in South LA

  • 1532 Cassil Pl, ZA-2023-4977-CUB-1A: Conditional use permit to allow sales of a full line of alcohol for on-site consumption in conjunction with a private tenant's clubhouse within the residential part of a mixed-use building. Appeal from Citizens for a Better LA with concerns about request to serve alcohol at a “residential” building

  • 957 Arapahoe St, ENV-2022-7886-CE-1A: Appeal of CEQA Exemption for a 5-story, 109-unit multi-family apartment building with on-site affordable housing from Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility (SAFER)

City of Santa Monica Multifamily Residential Cases

  • 3025 Olympic Blvd: SB330 preliminary application for an 18-story multifamily with 122 units (20 affordable). Part of the overall development at 3030 Nebraska Ave.

  • 2929 Pico Blvd: Administrative approval for a mixed-use building with 48 residential units (5 affordable), ground-floor retail space, and subterranean parking.

  • 1801 Santa Monica Blvd: ARB review for building design, colors, materials, landscape, and irrigation for an 8-story mixed-use project with 145 residential units (15 affordable) and 179 parking spaces

City of Pasadena Multifamily Cases

  • 505 S Oak Knoll Ave: Preliminary consultation for 4-story, 46-unit multi-family residential building on a vacant lot

  • 233 S Euclid Ave: Demolition of existing office buildings for construction of new 86-unit, 3 and 4-story multi-family over parking

  • 320 E Glenarm St: Demolish SFD to construct 8 unit development (1 VLI) and 13 parking

  • 66 Hurlbut St: Proposed conversion of an existing three-story medical office building and one-story office building into multi-family apartments with new balconies

The Week Ahead

April 2 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt Committee

  • Motion for LADBS, in consultation as necessary, to report with recommendations for an update to the Los Angeles Green Building Code to require less carbon-intensive building materials for new construction projects and significant additions to buildings in the City that are smaller than 50,000 sf AND recommendations to incentivize the reduction of construction waste through re-use of building materials

  • 17540 Sherman Way, APCSV-2018-2184-ZC-BL: Approval of MND and report from the South Valley Area Planning Commission for a Zone Change from R1-1 to (T)(Q)RD1.5-1 across the entire site. Removal of Building Line along Sherman Way for the demolition of two SFDs and detached accessory structures and the construction of a 3-story (two-story residential over a ground level parking garage), 25,214 sf, 9-unit multi-family building with 18 automobile parking spaces

  • 10950 Hesby St, CPC-2021-10706-CU-DB-SPR-HCA-1A: Decision on Appeal filed by Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility in approving a Site Plan Review and DB for project with an On-Menu Incentive to permit averaging of FAR and density over two zones and to permit vehicular access from a less restrictive zone to a more restrictive zone. Project is the construction of a 123,918 sf, a 7-story mixed-use residential building containing 139 residential units (19 VLI), 2,855 sf of ground floor commercial space, and 126 parking spaces.

April 3 | LA City Council

  • DIRECT the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD), with assistance from City Planning, to report to Council in 90 days on the procedures governing the marketing and tenant selection for newly constructed covenanted affordable housing units in unsubsidized, mixed-income projects created through TOC, Density Bonus and similar programs, the extent of City oversight of these processes, and what if any changes will be necessitated by the roll-out of the Comprehensive Online Affordable Housing Search System

  • 12825 Ventura Blvd, CPC-2021-7012-DB-MCUP-WDI-SPP-SPR-VHCA-1A: Recommendation to deny appeals by 1) Erewhon; 2) Studio City Residents Association; and, 3) UNITE HERE Local 11. Sustain the determination for a CUP to permit the sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages with 13,500 sf of interior commercial space and 4,000 sf of exterior commercial space within the proposed mixed-use project. Project involves the demolition of existing hotel and surface parking lot for the construction of mixed-use residential and commercial development with 520 residential units (78 VLI) and 46,000 sf of commercial space.

April 4 | North Valley Area Planning Commission

  • 18473 Devonshire St, ZA-2022-1310-CUW-1A: Adoption of Conditions of Approval and denial of appeal of installation, use, and maintenance of an unmanned wireless telecommunications facility consisting of a 50-foot tall faux-pine monopole with 12 antennas, one microwave antenna, nine remote radio units, and two raycaps surge suppressors

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