April 29, 2024

SB 9 usage in LA

Around the Corner

Last week, an LA County judge ruled SB 9, or the California HOME ACT, to be unconstitutional. SB 9 allows homeowners across the state to create up to four homes on an existing parcel, ultimately eliminating single-family-only zoning.
Since its introduction in 2022, SB 9 activity has been reported to be limited.
Luckily, we have the numbers:
  • City of LA received approx.148 non-ministerial ADM SB 9 urban lot split planning applications

  • Most significant % of these applications are located in the San Fernando Valley, in areas such as Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, Sunland-Tujunga, and NoHo

  • 91 of the applications have received a determination of Approved, Cleared, or Review Completed

Three addresses in Culver City have applied under SB 9.

The Week Ahead

City of LA and Santa Monica Planning Commission meetings canceled

April 30 | LA City Council

  • Evaluate the creation of a City department of homelessness or other means of centralizing coordination and oversight with the County of LA for: city-funded outreach deployments, including those related to sanitation and encampment response; identification and development of potential sites for interim and permanent housing; collection of real-time data related to homelessness and accountability of service providers; contracting processes; emergency response; homelessness prevention

May 6 | Colorado Boulevard Design Review Board

  • 1800 Colorado Blvd, DIR-2024-1814-DRB-SPPC: Change of use from Charter School to Adult Day Care and Office within an existing 21,984 sf commercial building in Subarea II of the Specific Plan

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 1217 Ocean Front Walk, ENV-2021-7224-CE-1A: CEQA appeal from Keep Neighborhoods First, Citizens Preserving Venice, and Better Neighbors LA and appeal against the decision to allow conversion of the subject property from a 36-unit, long-term, rent-stabilized residential property to a boutique hotel

  • 22840 Vanowen St, ZA-2014-963-CUB-PA1: Plan approval of a class 2 master conditional use to allow continued sale and dispensing of a full line of alcohol for off-site consumption with an existing grocery store

  • 4827 Gloria Ave, ADM-2024-2699-PMUL-HCA: Sb 9 urban lot split subdivision to divide 1 lot into two parcels, adding a new 2,006 sf two-story SFD

  • 2232 S La Brea Ave, ADM-2024-2694-DB-VHCA-ED1: Demo of existing structures and construction of 100% affordable 5-story, 59-unit multifamily building

  • 1612 W 206Th St, AA-2024-2692-PM-CN-HCA: Parcel map for four-unit new condominiums in the RD1.5 zone

  • 23133 Oxnard St, ADM-2024-2667-PMUL-HCA: Urban Lot Split Application subdivision to divide 1 lot into 2 single-family parcels (Parcels A and B). Approved plans to construct 1 SFD and 1 ADU on one lot, with the other lot will remain vacant.

Culver City

  • 4114 Sepulveda Blvd, P2024-0103: Sign Permit for Randy's Donuts - 2 new wall signs and monument sign face change out

  • 4120 Keystone Ave, P2024-0102: Address assignment for ADU

Highlighted Completions

  • 1749 Vine St, CPC-2018-2114-DB-CU-MCUP-SPR: Terminated after inactivity and EIR process a project to preserve Capitol Records complex and new mixed-use development with 1,005 dwelling units (including 133 senior affordable units) and commercial, office, and communal space

  • 2622 Pasadena Ave, ZA-2023-7955-CUB: Approved with conditions CUP for sale and dispensing for on-site sale of a full line of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with an existing restaurant expanding to the adjoining tenant spaces

  • 4070 Laurel Canyon Blvd, DIR-2023-7735-SPP: Approved with conditions remodel of an existing commercial building with new signage program, facade remodel, change of use, new 2nd floor, re-stripe parking lot in Studio City

  • 2330 Westwood Blvd, DIR-2023-3389-TOC-HCA: Approved with conditions a TOC Tier 3, 18-unit residential rental with ground floor parking garage; 2 additional incentives and 11 feet in additional height

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