April 8, 2024

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The Week Ahead

April 9 | LA City Council

  • 11905 Wilshire Boulevard Project, DIR-2022-6249-DB-CDO-SPR-WDI-HCA: Decision to adopt SCEA and accept eligibility as transit project. Project includes the demolition of a commercial building and site clearing of the surface parking areas for the construction of a 67,232 sf mixed-use residential and commercial project with 81 dwelling units (9 VLI), 3,078 sf of retail space, and 891 sf of restaurant space; FAR of 3.0:1.

  • CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION to activate a new streamlined permitting land use regulatory process, the Restaurant Beverage Program-Alcohol Sensitive Use Zone, in Council District 8

April 9 | Central LA Planning Commission

  • 1719–1731 North Whitley Ave, DIR-2016-4920-SPR-1A: Decision on appeal from United Neighborhoods for LA regarding demolition of 6 existing structures with 40 dwelling units and the construction of a 10-story, 160-room hotel with 122 automobile parking spaces

  • 400 North Kingsley Dr, DIR-2022-4412-WDI-1A: Decision on appeal regarding construction, use, and maintenance of two 4-story duplexes with attached garages for 4 units. Applicant-led appeal over denial of Waiver of Street Dedication of eight feet along the east side of North Kingsley Drive.

April 11 | LA South Valley Area Planning Commission

  • 22822 Ventura Blvd, ZA-2022-2788-CU-SPP-SPPA-SPR-WDI-1A: Decision on appeal for construction of a new 3,426 sf In-N-Out Burger drive-through, fast-food restaurant with 31 automobile parking spaces and a queuing lane for 23 cars. Appeal from West Valley Alliance for Optimal Living arguing that it is located abutting and across the street from existing residential uses and is not CEQA exempt.

  • 11612–11618 West Ventura Blvd, ZA-2018-7167-CUB-ZV-SPP-1A: Partial appeal from Studio City Residents Association regarding a Conditional Use to permit the continued sale and dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverages for existing restaurant. The proposed project also includes a Zone Variance to allow the required parking spaces to continue to be provided off site at a location within 750 ft, by a lease agreement in lieu of the otherwise required recorded covenant and agreement.

April 11 | LA City Planning Commission

  • 10602–10646 West Venice Blvd, DIR-2021-3405-TOC-SPR-HCA-1A: Decision on appeal from SAFER regarding demolition of all existing improvements (including a gas station, various commercial buildings, various residential buildings, and accessory structures) for the construction of 7-story mixed-use building with 136 residential units (14 ELI) and 6,000 sf of commercial space. The Project proposes 161 vehicle parking spaces in Palms-Mar Visa-Del Rey.

  • CPC-2024-551-GPA-ZC-HD: Los Angeles City Planning is proposing to update the General Plan Land Use designations and Zoning for properties that were previously designated as Public Facilities or Open Space and zoned PF-1, R1-1, R1- 1-HPOZ, R3-1, or R4-1-HPOZ in anticipation of a previous program for the I-710 Freeway Expansion that will not occur. City Planning is requesting the matter be continued to June 13, 2024.

  • 3600 Wilshire Blvd, CPC-2016-3412-VZC-HD-ZAA-SPR: Consideration of MND, Height District Change, and SPR for a demo of an 807-space parking structure and the construction of two 23-story mixed-use buildings with 760 dwelling units and 6,359 sf of commercial uses. The site is developed with a 22-story commercial building fronting on Wilshire Boulevard.

  • 1500 West Adams Blvd, DIR-2023-1984-TOC-COA-HCA-1A: Review of partial appeal from applicant (USC Forward) over denial of the project by Adams-Normandie HPOZ Board due to non-compliance with preservation plan. The project is a TOC Tier 2 new four-story, 56-foot tall apartment building with 16 dwelling units (2 ELI). Additional incentives for reduced RAS3 yards and an additional 11-foot height increase.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

  • 1326 S Westlake Ave, ADM-2024-2240-ADUH: Administrative clearance under AB 2299 and SB 1069 in the Pico-Union HPOZ Preservation Plan, a 849 sqft. garage will receive new doors and new fenestration as part of the existing garage’s conversion to a new ADU

  • 8630 Wall St, ADM-2024-2231-DB-HCA-ED1: Demolition of existing SFD and construction of new 100% affordable, 3-story (36' 8") apartment building (6,792 sf) with a total of 11 units (9 LI, 2 ELI)

  • 13420 Wentworth St, TT-84247-HCA: Tentative tract map to subdivide existing (T)R1 lot (49,610.3 sf) lot with existing SFD (1,200 sf) into 6 R1 lots

  • 679 San Juan Ave, DIR-2024-2203-CDP-MEL-HCA: Proposed garage and storage conversion to ADU (Note: Garage was converted illegally decades ago by a prior tenant. Purpose of the permit is to legalize conversion; no construction will take place)

Highlighted Completions

  • 201 Westlake Ave, AA-2022-9177-PMLA-CN-HCA: Approved with conditions parcel map filing for 4 new residential condominiums

  • 717 W 33rd St, DIR-2023-4458-CDP-MEL: Approved coastal development permit with Mello Act compliance to convert an existing recreation room into a new ADU

  • 4800 Melrose Ave, DIR-2023-1057-TOC-HCA: Approved with conditions the proposed construction, use, and maintenance of a 47,931 sf 7-story, mixed-use building with 61 dwelling units and ground floor commercial space

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