February 12, 2024

How many affordable units have been proposed under ED1?

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How many affordable housing units have been proposed under ED1? CalMatters leveraged ATC’s data platform to discover the answer: 16,150. This exceeds the total number of approved affordable units in LA from 2020-2022 combined. What does this mean for LA’s affordable housing market? Read the full article.

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The Week Ahead

February 13 | Central LA Planning Commission

  • 4652-4658 West La Mirada Ave, APCC-2017-2525-SPE-SPP-SPPA: Specific Plan Exemption to combine 2 lots for a total of 16,186 sf in lieu of 15,000. Project Permit Compliance for demolition of 4 SFDs and construction of 10 small-lot homes with a max. height of 30 ft. Includes 20 parking spaces, 10 bicycle spaces, and 1,858 sf of open space. The houses will vary from 1,854 to 1,889 sf in size.

February 14 | East LA Planning Commission

  • 3152 East Future St, DIR-2016-4998-SPP-HCA-1A: Appeal decision regarding new 2,502.09 sf SFD with an attached garage on a 6,470.2 sf vacant lot within the Mount Washington-Glassell Park Specific Plan Area

  • 616-620 North Avenue 66, VTT-82095-SL-1A: Decision on appeal from Arroyo Seco Wildlife Habitat Preservation regarding merger and subdivision of property into a small subdivision with 11 small-lot residences (with one lot without a residential unit). Max. height of four stories and 57 ft. The project proposes to replace three protected trees on-site at a 4:1 ratio and involves a haul route for the export of 2,010 cy of soil.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

  • 705 Brooks Ave, DIR-2024-973-CDP-HCA-MEL: Conversion of garage into ADU in Venice

  • 5416 Carlton Way, CPC-2024-914-DB-PR-SPPC-VHCA: New 138,894 sf, 8-story apartment building with 131 dwelling units above two and-one-half subterranean parking levels containing 148 parking stalls in Hollywood. Applicant is providing 14 VLI units, 3 LI units, and one Manager’s Unit, qualifying the project as 100% affordable housing.

  • 15165 Ventura Blvd, DIR-2024-934-SPPC: One illuminated wall sign; 20" x 10'-10", 18.1 sf, at 9' from grade to bottom of sign

  • 636 Lachman Ln, ADM-2024-943-CATEX: Categorical exemption in coastal area for new 2-story SFD over basement with attached garage and storage in Brentwood-Pacific Palisades. Mello act requested for demolition of existing SFD.

  • 12549 Kling St, AA-2024-947-PM: Subdivision of existing lot into 3 lots for SFD use in Studio City

Highlighted Completions

  • 721 N Bonhill Rd, ZA-2023-3100-F: Approved with conditions the construction, use, and maintenance of a 7-foot 5-inch fence and two vehicular gates within the required front yard setback in conjunction with a new two-story SFD located in the RA-1 zone

  • 1498 W Sunset Blvd, ZA-2023-5898-CUB: Approved with conditions a CUB for on-site and off-site retail sale of wine in conjunction with a 1,864 sf wine tasting room with 47 interior seats in Echo Park

  • 4226 Vanetta Dr, ZA-2021-5013-ZAA-ZAD: Approved with conditions the addition and remodel of an existing 2-story SFD in the RE15-1-H zone (constructed in 1951)

  • 974 S Gramercy Dr, DIR-2022-2825-TOC-SPR-HCA: Approved with conditions the construction of a 7-story, mixed-use development with 153 dwelling units (16 ELI) and 5,000 sf of ground floor commercial space. Received Tier 3 TOC incentives, including a 22-ft height increase and a 25% reduction in open space.

  • 4109 Exposition Blvd, DIR-2022-6462-TOC-VHCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of 10 existing residential units and new construction of a 5-story, 36-unit, 40,306 sf, 62'6'' high apartment building with 3,150 sf of open space, 28 parking spaces, and 35 bike spaces. Located in West Adams.

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