February 19, 2024

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Interested in what ED1 accomplished in 2023? We crunched the numbers for you.

Something of interest: On Feb 9, Los Angeles City Council President Paul Krekorian filed a motion to create a new density bonus incentive that promotes the construction of large family (3-5 bedroom) units in new apartment buildings. The law would provide size exemptions and height bonuses for larger units if passed.

The Week Ahead

February 20 | LA City Council

  • 3751 South Delmas Terrace, DIR-2023-1240-TOC-VHCA: Decision to deny the appeal and approve a categorical exemption for construction of a new 6-story, 19,384 sf residential building with 17 dwelling units (2 ELI)

  • 7569 – 7583 West Foothill Blvd +more, CPC-2021-9909-DB-SP-SPP-HCA-1A: Deny the appeal and approve DB for a housing development project consisting of 46 residential units (7 VLI) and 89 parking spaces

February 20 | LA Planning and Land Use Management Committee

  • 11211 Chandler Blvd, CPC-2019-7239-GPAJ-VZCJ-HD-SP-SN-BL; CPC-2019-7240-DA: Ordinances to form a Specific Plan Zone called the District NoHo Specific Plan for a portion of North Hollywood-Valley Village Community Plan area. Authorization of Development Agreement with Noho Development Associates, LLC to build a mixed-use development with up to 1,527 multi-family residential units and up to 598,199 sf of commercial.

  • 6728 S Sepulveda Blvd, DIR-2022-5107-TOC-SPR-VHCA: Request for City Council to determine if the proposed project qualifies for an SCEA. City Planning has found that the project qualifies as a transit priority project, incorporates feasible mitigation measures, and, therefore, can use a SCEA under CEQA.

    The project is a new construction 268,229 sf, 405-unit (41 affordable) apartment development in a 6-story, 66-foot bldg with 2.83 to 1 FAR, 32,813 sf of open space, and 556 vehicle spaces located in Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks. Applicant is Uncommon Developers.

  • 11905 Wilshire Blvd, DIR-2022-6249-DB-CDO-SPR-WDI-HCA: City Planning has found that the project qualifies as a transit priority project, incorporates feasible mitigation measures, and, therefore, can use a SCEA under CEQA. The project is the construction, use, and maintenance of a mixed-use development consisting of 81 dwelling units and 3,558 square feet of commercial space.

  • 3832 Pasadena Ave, DIR-2018-4190-TOC-SPR-1A: Decision on appeal from Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility of VTT to construct 100 residential units (10 ELI) on 5 levels over podium, including 99 parking spaces

  • 5643 Santa Monica Blvd, VTT-83478-2A: Decision on appeal from an applicant for a proposed studio project known as Echelon Studios. Proposes the construction of 551,258 sf of production studios, office, retail, and related accessory uses to replace underutilized and vacant retail space. The applicant has appealed the denial of waivers for dedication and street widening requirements—arguing that dedication is not necessary to meet the City’s mobility plan.

  • 906 3rd Ave: An appeal on decision to deny a requested Reasonable Accommodation to a person with a disability to allow existing six-foot-high gates, hedges, and fences in a SFD front yard in lieu of the requirements of LAMC and without otherwise required Historic Preservation Overlay Zone review

  • 3676 Kelton Ave, CPC-2023-582-CU-DB-HCA-PHP-1A: Decision on appeal from local residents over the construction of a new six-story 43-unit (11 VLI) apartment building with one level of subterranean parking providing a total of 26 parking stalls.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

  • 9945 Shadow Hills Dr, DIR-2024-1078-SPPC-HCA: Application to legalize existing 558 sf detached garage

  • 16250 Huston St, AA-2024-1115-PMEX: Parcel map exception/lot line adjustment between 3 single-family residential parcels

  • 8006 Glenties Ln, ENV-2024-618-CE: Conversion of existing 296 sf one car carport into a new one car, enclosed garage and add 244 sf one bedroom above

Highlighted Completions

  • 5938 Buffalo Ave, DIR-2023-4334-TOC-VHCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of 2,040 sf building and construction of an 18 unit (2 ELI) TOC building

  • 18644 Ventura Blvd, DIR-2022-5215-SPP: Approved with conditions the change of use from retail to dental office, minor interior/exterior alterations, and update to tenant sign program

  • 221 5th Ave, DIR-2022-6509-CDP: Approved with conditions for the remodel and addition to attach two existing SFDs and create a duplex with a roof deck in Venice

If you would like us to include any other types of projects, commissions, or details in the weekly summary, please let us know!

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