February 5, 2024

January in Review

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We’ve switched up this week’s format as we present a Month in Review.

A Total of 203 planning cases were filed in January 2024— most located in Venice, Hollywood, and South Los Angeles Community Plan Areas.

26 ED1 cases have been filed in 2024 alone.

January in Review 

Case Breakdown by Project Type:

  • Categorical Exemption (CE): 36

  • Executive Directive 1 (ED1): 26, representing 13% of total ED1 cases

  • Conditional Use Beverage Permits (CUB): 15

  • Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC): 8

  • Appeals: 10

  • General Plan Amendments (GPA): 3

Highlighted Cases


  • 12681 W Jefferson Blvd, CPC-2024-115-GPA-ZC-HD-CU-ZAA-SPR: Construction of new 82,324 sf, 44'3" tall 3-story mixed-use building with 78,365 sf for warehouse use and 3,959 sf of ground-floor retail use. 76 automobile and 64 bicycle spaces.

  • Affordable Living for the Aging, 5879 Crenshaw Blvd, ADM-2024-264-DB-HCA-ED1: 4-story, 25-unit 100% affordable development. Project Plans here.

  • 2323 Scarff St, ADM-2024-272-DB-VHCA-ED1: Construction of 42,006 sf, 78-unit 100% affordable housing apartment building

Single-Family & Additions

  • 9622 Green Verdugo Dr, ZA-2024-298-ZAD: construction of a SFD on a substandard hillside street

  • 4933 Cerrillos Dr, ZA-2024-460-ZAD-HCA: 5,152 sf, 3-story SFD with attached garage in Woodland Hills

  • 2855 Belden Dr, ZA-2024-429-ZAD-DRB-SPP-HCA: Construction of a new SFD and detached garage on a lot with vehicular access route improved with less than 20’ wide continuous paved roadway in Hollywood

Retail & Commercial

The Week Ahead

February 6 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt Committee

  • 7577 Foothill Blvd, CPC-2021-9909-DB-SP-SPP-HCA-1A: Decision on appeal of 46-unit, 42-ft multifamily apt building, including 92 vehicle parking spaces located in the Foothill Blvd SP and C2-1, CR-1VL, and RD2-1 zones. Appeal from local residents based on concerns over congestion due to the addition of 100 cars to the roadway and its impact on wildfire evacuations. Request for traffic study.

  • 7115 Van Nuys Blvd, DIR-2022-7247-TOC-SPR-HCA-1A: Decision on appeal of new 5-story, 214-unit apartment over 1 level of retail and 2 levels of parking garages. TOC Tier 4. Appeal from Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility based on CEQA exemption.

  • 5643 Santa Monica Blvd, VTT-83478-2A: Decision on appeal of demolition of existing structures and construction of approximately 551,258 sf of production studios, office, retail, and related accessory uses in Hollywood. The project received conditional approval for the merger of an existing 11,373 sf public alley that runs through the Project Site but also received numerous conditions regarding street widening and modifications. The applicant-filed appeal challenges the decision of a previous partial appeal of city planning’s denial of waivers of dedication and street widening requirements.

February 8 | City Planning Commission

  • Harbor LA Community Plan Update: Approval of amendments to the policy documents and General Plan Land Use Maps for the Harbor Gateway and Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plans. Will utilize new zones created through the City’s comprehensive zoning code update.

  • 400-429 San Vicente Blvd, CPC-2023-2058-CU-DB-MCUP-CUW-SPR-VHCA: Demolition of the Beverly Plaza Shopping Center and construction of an 8-story, 100 ft building with 126 residential units (14 VLI), 11,840 sf of retail, and 205,488 sf of floor area. The project seeks a DB increase of 37.5%.

  • 8339 W 3rd St, CPC-2023-4573-DB-CU-HCA: 89,935 square foot, 8-story mixed-use residential building containing 77 dwelling units (8 ELI) over 11,198 sf of commercial. Requests off-menu incentives to permit up to 75% reduction in required open space and max. building height of up to 100 ft in lieu of 45 ft.

If you would like us to include any other types of projects, commissions, or details in the weekly summary, please let us know!

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