January 16, 2024

Happy MLK day!

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The Week Ahead

Area Planning Commissions are canceled due to no scheduled cases.

January 16 | PLUM Committee

  • 3801-3807 South Grand Ave, ENV-2023-2488-EAF-1A: Decision on Appeal filed by Benny Tran, Los Angeles Football Club, regarding the approval of Categorical Exemption as the environmental clearance for the construction of a 7-story mixed-use development with 40 residential dwelling units (4 ELI)

  • 3676 Kelton Ave, CPC-2023-582-CU-DB-HCA-PHP-1A: Decision on appeal for the construction of a new 6-story 43-unit (11 VLI) apartment building with one level of subterranean parking. Appeal from local residents based on project size/height and lack of parking.

  • 12825 Ventura Blvd, CPC-2021-7012-DB-MCUP-WDI-SPP-SPR-VHCA-1A: Decision on appeal of demolition of existing hotel for proposed ~650,996 sf mixed-use project within 3 bldgs that includes 520 multifamily units (78 VLI) & 45,945 sf commercial space. Appeal from UNITE HERE Local 11 based on ENV decision.

January 17 | Santa Monica Planning Commission


  • January 16 | Jefferson Park HPOZ

  • January 17 | Miracle Mile HPOZ

  • January 17 | Windsor Village, Country Club Pk, Oxford Sq, Wilshire Pk HPOZ

  • January 17 | Windsor Square HPOZ

  • January 17 | Mulholland Scenic Parkway DRB

  • January 18 | Balboa Highlands, Stonehurst, Van Nuys HPOZ

  • January 18 | LaFayette Square HPOZ

  • January 18 | Carthay Circle, Carthay Square, South Carthay HPOZ

Week in Review


  • 1500 W Adams Blvd, DIR-2023-1984-TOC-COA-HCA-1A: Demolition of an existing commercial building and construction of a new 4-story 16-unit multi-family residential building in the Adams Normandie HPOZ, including the restoration of an existing one-story, 124 sf gas station structure

  • 1541 Summitridge Dr, ENV-2024-304-EAF: Haul route for the export of 3,234 cy of earth for new SFD/ADU

  • 17258 Ventura Blvd, DIR-2024-308-SPP: Specific Plan Project Permit Compliance for 2 Illuminated wall signs

  • 715 Howard St, DIR-2024-293-CDP-MEL-HCA: CDP for the construction of a new 2-story ADU with Mello Act compliance review

  • 9622 Green Verdugo Dr, ZA-2024-298-ZAD: Construction of a single-family dwelling on a substandard hillside street

Executive Directive 1 (ED1)

  • 5879 Crenshaw Blvd, ADM-2024-264-DB-HCA-ED1: 4-story 25-unit 100% affordable multifamily development in West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Park

  • 162 Douglas St, ADM-2024-265-DB-HCA-ED1: 132 affordable units near LAX

  • 2481 Sawtelle Blvd, ADM-2024-313-DB-VHCA-ED1: Demolition of existing 4-unit building and construction of a 6-story, 67-ft high, 24,597 sf, 42-unit 100% affordable apartment building. Located in the Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey Community Planning Area.

Highlighted Completions

  • 10570 W Riverside Dr, ZA-2021-10093-CU: Approved with conditions the addition of a car wash tunnel to an existing gas station

  • 3151 Cahuenga Blvd W, CPC-2023-1637-SP: Approved amendment to the Ventura-Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor specific plan to create administrative review for signs, update to recently adopted ordinances and corrected maps, adjust PRB member appointment by community, and general language clean up

  • 285 S Muirfield Road, DIR-2021-2824-COA: Approved 2-story addition to existing SFD with deck and new 2nd-story addition to existing garage to create a recreation room

  • 536 N Rockingham Ave, ZA-2023-614-F: Approved 6' high fence and gate along the front yard line in lieu of the 3-foot, 6-inch fence height otherwise permitted

If you would like us to include any other types of projects, commissions, or details in the weekly summary, please let us know!

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