January 22, 2024

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This past week saw WS Communities, one of LA’s largest landlords, lose half its portfolio to lender companies in lieu of foreclosure. This includes 28 multifamily buildings and development sites, encompassing about $1.1B in debt.

Up for review by City Planning this week is an applicant-led appeal over a denied waiver of street dedication for the replacement of existing curb at 1212 N Orange Dr.

The Week Ahead

January 23 | City Council

  • Motion on issuance of Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds to finance the new construction of the 60-unit multifamily housing project known as Marcella Gardens Apartments—not to exceed $19,875,000

  • Renew the Declaration of Local Emergency regarding housing and homelessness in the City of LA, originally dated July 7, 2023, empowering the Mayor to continue to respond

January 25 | City Planning Commission

  • 1694916955 West Sherman Way, CPC-2022-7854-ZCJ-SPR-WDI-HCA: Decision on 115,391 sf mixed-use project with 111 dwelling units (6 ELI, 13 VLI) and 160 total parking spaces. Maximum building height of 4 stories and 48 ft, with two developer incentives: reduction of parking from 198 spaces and relief from General Plan Footnote 7 to allow for an additional story.

  • 1212 N Orange Dr, DIR-2022-6375-TOC-WDI-VHCA-1A: Decision on appeal from applicant/property owner regarding denied waiver of street dedication for replacement of existing curb (instead approved for 6’ sidewalk easement). The applicant has now been advised that an easement will require 5 feet of ground below the easement area for service or utilities, interfering with parking. Project is a 4-story, 8-unit TOC Tier 2 project plus 1 ADU apartment with 16 parking spaces. Received a 60% increase in density to allow 8 dwelling units in lieu of 5, a 3.7% increase in FAR, and 1 parking space per unit in lieu of 2 per unit.

  • 957–967 South Arapahoe St, DIR-2022-7885-SPR-HCA-1A: Decision on appeal of 2-story SFD, 4-unit apartment building, and 5-story, 109-unit (15 VLI, 1 ELI) multi-family apartment building. The project received a 70% density increase, a 50% FAR increase, and zero parking requirements. Appeal from Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility (SAFER) based on CEQA exemption (an argument that project does not qualify for infill exemption).


  • January 23 | Angelino Heights HPOZ

  • January 23 | Miracle Mile HPOZ

  • January 24 | Lincoln Heights HPOZ

  • January 24 | North University Park DRB

  • January 25 | Adams Normandie HPOZ

  • January 25 | Sunset Sq, Spaulding Sq HPOZ

Week in Review


  • 10219 Stonehurst Ave, DIR-2024-477-SPP: 618 sf addition to 1-story SFD and new 1,000 sf detached storage unit in Sun Valley

  • 9119 De Soto Ave, CPC-2024-493-ZC: Zone change from MR-2 and P-1 to C2-1 to allow the development of an express car wash

  • 446 Shatto Pl, DIR-2024-437-TOC-PHP-HCA: 7-story, 40,789 sf, 60-unit apartment building with 1st floor and subterranean garage (100% market rate housing)

  • 2467 N Beverly Glen Blvd, ENV-2024-409-EAF: New 2835.94 sf SFD with basement, requesting Haul Route

  • 2855 Belden Dr, ZA-2024-429-ZAD-DRB-SPP-HCA: Construction of 2-story SFD with basement, detached garage, and one retaining wall with vehicular access route improved. Seeking SPP and Hollywoodland DRB approval.


  • 1807 N Van Ness Ave, DIR-2023-5089-TOC-SPP-VHCA-1A: Appeal of construction of two 4-story duplexes and one 3-story SFD, for a total of 7,472 sf of new construction. Appeal from neighbors based on approval of 30% side yard reduction and 22 ft height increase in an RD1.5-1XL zone.

  • 400 N Kingsley Dr, DIR-2022-4412-WDI-1A: Appeal by applicant seeking a waiver from the 8’ street dedication requirement (previously denied). Project is a co-living and turnkey project for the LA Homeless Services Authority consisting of two detached duplexes with four units.

Highlighted Completions

  • 909 Beacon Ave, DIR-2020-7604-SPR-TOC-HCA: Approved with conditions the demo of a surface parking lot and construction of 120,270 sf 7-story mixed-use project consisting of 145 dwelling units (15 ELI)

  • 1422 S St Andrews Pl, AA-2023-374-PMLA-HCA: Approved with conditions to subdivide one R2 lot into two R2 lots for the construction of two 3-story duplexes

  • 22822 Ventura Blvd, ZA-2022-2788-CU-SPP-SPPA-SPR: Approved with conditions conditional use and specific plan adjustment for new fast food w/drive-thru

  • 512 MacArthur Ave, AA-2020-6275-PMLA: Approved with conditions the subdivision of 1 lot into 3 lots in R1-1XL zone

  • 12701 Washington Pl, CPC-2022-7482-DB-HCA: 5-story, mixed-use building with 34 units (3 VLI), with an increase in height from 45 to 56’ and FAR from 1.5:1 to 3:1. Located in Mar Vista.

  • 1201 N Gower St, CPC-2023-1539-DB-VHCA: Approved addition of 180,055 sf, 8-stories, and 108-units to an existing. 36,104 sf, 2-story, 44-unit apartment building. Includes 16 VLI units and 2 replacement LI units, resulting in 152 total units.

If you would like us to include any other types of projects, commissions, or details in the weekly summary, please let us know!

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