July 8, 2024

Important changes to ED1

Around the Corner

📚 We launched the ATC Library! You can now access various City of LA resources in ATC. Add ordinances, City Planning Commission documents, and detailed zoning information to your project workspaces. We will be continuously adding to the library.

🏘️ Important changes to ED1: On July 1, Mayor Karen Bass released her 3rd revision statement. ATC’s key takeaways:

  • Prohibition on fast-tracking ED1 projects on parcels within an HPOZ and parcels containing 12+ units occupied in the 5 years preceding the application

  • Projects seeking Density Bonuses will be eligible for no more than 5 incentives and one waiver

  • Calls for increased accountability within LAHD for applications with pending payments

  • Future conversions of ADUs on ED1 projects will be deed-restricted

  • A supporting stance on the prevailing wage motion presented by City Council member Tim Osker

  • All entitlements submitted to City Planning or vested before July 1 shall be deemed eligible to proceed under prior regulations

The Week Ahead

LA City Council & PLUM Committee are in recess and/or canceled for July.

July 11 | LA City Planning Commission

  • 810 S Mariposa Ave, CPC-2018-1511-ZC-ZV-ZAA-BL-CU-CUB-SPR: Demolition of a four-unit residential building and construction, use of a 7-story mixed-use hotel and 20-unit apartment project (4 ELI) totaling approximately 66,915 sf, three levels of subterranean parking, a 60-guest room hotel with a 5,385 sf restaurant, including 2,700 sf of indoor dining space, 1,250 sf in an outdoor covered patio and 1,435 sf of indoor dining area on roof level. The proposed building is 92 feet six inches high with a FAR of 5.50:1 (for the hotel) and 2.99:1 (for the residential uses). Requesting:

    • Zone Change from C2-1 to RAS4-1 for a portion of site

    • ZV to allow vehicle and pedestrian access from a less restrictive zone (RAS4) to a more restrictive zone (R4)

    • ZAA to allow a reduced rear yard of nine ft in lieu of required 19

    • CUP to allow hotel within 500 ft of any A or R zones

    • CUP to allow the sale and dispensing of alcohol with on-site consumption

  • 917 N Everett St, CPC-2023-5528-DB-SPR-MCUP-HCA: Mixed-use development with 327 residential units (41 VLI) and 9,462 sf of ground-floor commercial space for a total of 321,300 sf and FAR of 3:1. Building A on Sunset Blvd is seven stories with max. height of 91 ft and Building B is seven stories with a max height of 86 ft. Provides 263 on-site parking spaces at one subterranean, one partially subterranean, and one at-ground/ and above-grade levels. Requesting:

    • On-Menu incentive for FAR increase to 3.0:1 in lieu of the 1.5:1 in C2-1VL

    • Off-Menu incentive to allow a 30% reduction in open space

    • Off-menu incentive for additional height and stories

  • 974 S Gramercy Dr, DIR-2022-2825-TOC-SPR-HCA-1A: Decision on appeal from SAFER of construction of a 7-story, mixed-use development with 153 dwelling units and 5,000 sf of ground floor commercial space zoned R3-1 and C2-1. Tier 3 TOC project with 153 dwelling units (16 ELI) utilizing Base Incentives and the following Additional Incentives:

    • 22-foot height increase in the R3-1 Zone

    • 25% reduction in the usable open space requirement

    • Averaging of Floor Area, Density, Parking, Open Space, and Permitting Vehicular Access

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 6249 Gyral Dr, AA-2024-4211-PMEX: Lot line adjustment between three parcels

  • 21250 Mulholland Dr, ADM-2024-4209-PMUL: SB9 urban lot split with no new construction proposed in Woodland Hills

  • 3343 W 43rd Pl, ADM-2024-4206-RDP: Supplemental Permit for structural design updates for interior remodel permit

  • 3170 W Olympic Blvd, ADM-2024-4227-RDP: Channel letter sign for the storefront 2'0" x 13'4", 15ft from grade to bottom of sign

  • 11648 San Vicente Blvd, ZA-2014-140-CUB-PA1: Plan Approval to allow the continued sale of beer and wine for on-site consumption in conjunction with an existing 1,400 sf full-service restaurant with 45 seats and a 100 sf patio with 12 seats in Brentwood-Pacific Palisades

  • 6122 S Victoria Ave, ADM-2024-4229-DB-VHCA-ED1: Demolition of existing SFD and construction of 5-story, 84-unit 100% affordable housing apartment (66 LI, 17 MI, 1 MU) with 0 parking spaces in South LA

Santa Monica

  • 2025 Wilshire Blvd, 24ENT-0126: Deed restriction for 15 affordable units within an 8-story mixed-use building consisting of 150 residential units, ground floor commercial retail space, and four levels of subterranean parking

  • 1318 4th St, 24ENT-0127: AA-Housing Project for a 6-story mixed-use building consisting of 100% affordable (122 affordable units) with ground-level commercial space with two levels of subterranean parking

Highlighted Completions

Los Angeles

  • 1524 S Fairfax Ave, DIR-2023-5840-TOC-HCA: Approved with conditions the new construction of a 6-story 16-unit apartment building with 1 level of underground parking

  • 9363 Burnet Ave, ZA-2023-5955-ZAA: Approved with conditions an adjustment of density set by RD3 zoning designation with a request for a less than 20% increase in density to allow 2,986 sf of lot area per dwelling unit across subdivision VTT-82084-SL (Demolition of a single-family unit; a subdivision of one lot into seven (7) small lots)

  • 407 Beirut Ave, DIR-2022-5512-CDP-MEL-HCA: Conversion of existing 68 sf detached two-car garage into two-bedroom, two-story ADU, addition of 439 sf structure maintains original footprint of the garage

  • 4205 Beverly Blvd, ZA-2011-1666-CUB-PA2: Approved with conditions a Plan Approval to allow the continued sale of beer and wine for off-site
    consumption in conjunction with an existing 2,509 sf convenience store

  • 734 E 3rd St, ZA-2024-895-CUB: Approved with conditions a CUB to allow for a full line of alcohol sales and consumption with an existing sushi restaurant having 40 seats (16 indoor and 24 outdoor seats)

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