June 17, 2024

8th, Grand, and Hope is at PLUM

Around the Corner

8th, Grand & Hope and its associated appeals are up for review at PLUM this week

Project is a 50-story, mixed-use development in DTLA comprised of 580 residential units and up to 7,499 sf of ground-floor commercial space on a 34,679 sf site
The Project has undertaken an EIR and faced numerous appeals since entitlements were filed by Mitsui Fudosan America in 2017

The Week Ahead

June 18 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt (PLUM) Committee

  • CPC-2023-6416-SP-SPP, Northridge: Specific Plan Amendment to the Porter Ranch Specific Plan to modify the front and side yard requirements for 105 single-family home lots: all 40 horse keeping lots in Subarea A of the Specific Plan and all 65 single lots in Subarea B of the Specific Plan

  • 16949-16955 West Sherman Way, CPC-2022-7854-ZCJ-SPR-WDI: Draft Ordinance to effectuate a Zone Change from CR-1VL, (Q)C1-1VL and P-1VL to (T)(Q)RAS4-1VL, with the following two developer incentives: a) reduction in parking to allow 165 residential automobile parking spaces in lieu of the 198 spaces; and, b) relief from General Plan Footnote 7 to allow for a project to rise to four stories in lieu of three stories. Project is a 115,391 sf mixed-use project with 111 dwelling units (6 ELI, 13 VLI) and 160 total parking spaces.

  • CPC-2022-5432-ZC-CPIOA: Amendment to the existing South Los Angeles Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) District that will: a) create a CPIO Protected Unit Area to provide new tenant protections in certain Residential Subareas, b) modify the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Subareas to increase bonus incentives for the construction of certain affordable housing projects, including moving some commercial nodes from the lower intensity to the higher intensity TOD Subarea; and, c) as part of the Slauson Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan, add new Slauson Subareas to encourage green jobs, expanded affordable housing opportunities, and path-oriented building design

  • CPC-2019-4000-GPA-ZC-HD-CPIOA: Amendment to 1) the existing West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Community Plan Implementation Overlay District (West Adams CPIO) to incentivize publicly accessible open space and the extension of an Active Transportation Corridor to the Fairview Heights Station on the Metro K Line in the Hyde Park Industrial Corridor Subarea and, 2) the existing Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Implementation Overlay District that will add new Slauson Subareas to encourage green jobs, provide expanded affordable housing opportunities, and path-oriented building design

  • 1217 Ocean Front Walk, ZA-2021-7223-CUB-CU-CDP-1A: Decision on appeal filed by John Given on behalf of Keep Neighborhoods First / Citizens Preserving Venice / Better Neighbors LA following CE determination for interior and exterior improvements to the existing restaurant (ground floor) and theater (basement)

  • 1201 North Gower St, CPC-2023-1539-DB-VHCA: Decision on appeal filed by SAFER on the LACPC’s determination in approving a SCEA, Mitigation Measures as the environmental clearance for the partial maintenance and demolition of an existing multi-family residential complex for the construction of a new eight-story multi-family residential building with 108 new residential units, resulting in a total of 152 units (equal to a net increase of 80 units), with 16 VLI units

  • 754 Hope St, CPC-2017-505-TDR-ZV-SPPA-DD-SPR-1A: LACPC is recommending approval for a Transfer of Floor Area Rights (TFAR) exceeding 50,000 square feet pursuant to Section 14.5.6A of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC). The transfer involves up to 346,853 square feet of floor area from the Los Angeles Convention Center to a Project Site, enabling a maximum 9.25:1 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) instead of the usual 6:1 FAR. Decision on appeals filed by 1) CREED LA and 2) Richard Becher, Digital Realty from the determination of the LACPC.

  • 719-1731 North Whitley Ave, DIR-2016-4920-SPR-1A: Decision on Appeal filed by Casey Maddren, United Neighborhoods for Los Angeles (UN4LA) from the LACAPC’s determination in approving a CE as the environmental clearance for the demolition of six existing structures with 40 dwelling units and the construction of a 10-story, 156-room hotel

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 6571 Fountain Ave, ADM-2024-3790-RDP: Add 3-story irregular shaped 5-unit apartment with attached garage and recreation room to existing one-story single-family dwelling, and alter & remodel existing SFD (1 VLI unit)

  • 5900 S Figueroa St, ADM-2024-3777-CPIOC: Demolition of a single-family dwelling and detached garage with patio

  • 12941 Strathern St, ADM-2024-3821-PMUL-HCA: SB9 to divide existing 25,511.2 sf lot into two 15,327 sf and 10,208 sf lots in Sun Valley

  • 822 Superba Ave, DIR-2017-3437-CDP-MEL-AMDT1: Findings and project plans for a new 2-story single-family dwelling with a 2-car attached garage (with a parking lift) and basement in Venice

  • 7800 Beverly Blvd, DIR-2024-3818-CDP-MEL-HCA: Conversion of an existing 2-car garage and existing bedroom (of unit #1) to a 587 sf ADU located in the Venice Coastal Zone and R3-1 zone

City of Santa Monica

  • 1655 26th St, 24ENT-0111: Preliminary application for an 8-story mixed-use building totaling 381 residential units and 2,110 square feet of commercial space and 1 ground level and 2 subterranean parking levels totaling 402 parking spaces

  • 1665 Appian Way, 24ENT-0108: Approval in concept for a new 2-unit, 3-story residential unit with subterranean parking

Highlighted Completions

City of Santa Monica

  • 1643 Euclid St, 23ENT-0199: Approved with conditions by ARB THE construction of Tier 2, three-story, 38,995 sf creative office building with two levels of subterranean parking in the Industrial Conservation (IC) Zoning District

Los Angeles

  • 6330 Woodman Ave, DIR-2023-7232-TOC-SPR-HCA: Approved with conditions a new TOC Tier 3, 6-story (67ft) 147-unit apartment 5-story over 1-story garage and 1-level basement parking garage (150 spaces total) far 3.25:1. in Van Nuys

  • 11525 Chandler Blvd, DIR-2021-9750-CLQ: Terminated 60-unit apartment with subterranean garage in NoHo

  • 22552 Uhea Rd, DIR-2019-4861-DRB-SPP-MSP: Approved with conditions a Mulholland Specific Plan project permit compliance and design review for a new single-family residence

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