June 24, 2024

Exciting New Features & LA Olympic Committee Meeting

Around the Corner

In case you missed it last week, we have an exciting update! 🚀 We've launched two groundbreaking new features to enhance your research process:

🔔 ATC Alerts: No more manual monitoring. Get notified about updates and changes to your saved projects. Learn how to leverage alerts for ED 1 case monitoring here.

🏠 Property Data Requests: Dive deeper into your research. Access detailed parcel data, zoning info, county assessor insights, maps, and public services reports for the City of LA.

The Week Ahead

June 24 | LA Ad Hoc Committee on 2028 Olympic & Paralympic Games

  • On Friday, the LA28 organizing committee unveiled an amended venue plan. The new plan spans 1,500 miles and uses fewer temporary venues, aligning with International Olympic Committee guidance to use existing venues as a sustainability measure. Learn more here.

June 25 | Pasadena Design Commission

June 26 | LA City Council

  • Decision to expand Project PowerHouse beyond 100% affordable housing projects, creating a policy by which housing developers will receive expedited switchgear purchase approval if they choose to purchase an abundantly large switchgear; LADWP to publicize the Service Planning Group

June 27 | LA Citywide Planning Commission

  • 7222 North Tyrone Ave, CPC-2022-6052-DB-HCA: Demolition of an existing single-family home and the construction of a new four-story, 11-unit apartment building with a recreation room and a gym with an on-grade parking garage with 11 vehicle parking spaces. The Project will include one VLI dwelling unit pursuant to SB 8, Housing Crisis Act of 2019. Requests a zone change from R1-1 to R3-1, reduction in open space and setbacks, and Waiver of Development Standards for height increase and relief from R1 requirements.

  • 8930 North Village Ave, CPC-2023-5307-CU-SPP: Addition of new athletic playing field to an existing private school in Sun Valley, including 40,745 sf softball field, new synthetic turf multipurpose sports field overlain the softball field, four new batting cages, and light poles for nighttime sports activities on the proposed fields. Additional improvements include a new four-foot fence enclosure and a new retaining wall

  • 1610-1638 North Las Palmas Ave; 1639 N Cherokee Ave, CPC-2022-3935-DB-SPR-WDI-HCA: Applicant requesting that the matter be continued to July 25, 2024. Request to construct and maintain a mixed-use project with 34,441 sf retail, 7,152 sf office, and 393 dwelling units (44 affordable) as part of a 15-story, 181 ft high development with 3 levels of below-grade parking.

  • 6728 North Sepulveda Blvd, DIR-2022-5107-TOC-SPR-VHCA-1A: Appeal from SAFER of approval of SPR for construction of a new six-story residential building containing 405 dwelling units (41 ELI units) and ~268,770 sf of floor area, for a total FAR of 3.18:1. The proposed building's residential units will consist of 94 studio units, 195 one-bedroom units, 115 two-bedroom units, and one three-bedroom unit. The Project will provide 32,866 sf of open space with private balconies, a fitness center, a recreation room, lounges, a pool deck, roof terraces, and roof decks. Applicant is Uncommon Developers.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 7115 W Manchester Ave, DIR-2024-3989-DB-CDO-HCA: New 6-story, 1,783 sf mixed-use building containing 29 units (3 VLI) in Westchester-Playa del Rey

  • 340 N Avenue 51, ADM-2024-3883-CWC: Construction of a driveway with one parking space and required curb cut in Highland Park

  • 1602 W 223rd St, ADM-2024-3914-PMUL-HCA: Urban lot split into approximately 4100 sf lots in Torrance

  • 6920 Remmet Ave, CPC-2024-3936-DB-PHP: 48-unit 100% affordable housing project. 8 units (20%) for moderate low-income households, 39 units (80%) for low-income households, and 1 unit set aside for market rate manager unit in Canoga Park

  • 1174 N Berendo St, DIR-2024-3993-SPPC-HCA: Proposed two new duplexes and one ADU in Hollywood

  • 12799 Norris Ave, VTT-84496-CN-VHCA: Proposed one lot, residential condominium subdivision for 7 condominium units

Highlighted Completions

Los Angeles

  • 22822 Ventura Blvd, ENV-2022-2789-CE-1A: Appeal denied for new 3,426 sf In-N-Out Burger drive-through, fast food restaurant in Woodland Hills

  • 504 W Avenue 44, ZA-2022-7295-ZAA-ZAD-SPP-HCA: Partial approval of construction of an SFD on an undeveloped and sloped lot in R1 zone with associated parking in Mt. Washington

  • 15165 Ventura Blvd, DIR-2024-934-SPPC: Approved with conditions one illuminated wall sign: 20" x 10'-10", 18.1 sf, at 9' from grade to bottom of sign — associated permit

  • 9990 Barling St, DIR-2024-1168-SPPC: Approved with conditions a permit compliance for a major expansion and new detached trellis to an existing SFD located in the San Gabriel/Verdugo mountains scenic preservation specific plan and the RE40-1-k zone

  • 2121 S Patton Ave, ZA-2023-2179-ZAA: Approved with conditions a 142 sf of floor area addition to existing SFD in San Pedro

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