March 11, 2024

And the Oscar goes to...Measure HLA

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And the Oscar goes to…
Measure HLA — On March 5, LA City voters approved the Healthy Streets L.A. ballot initiative that requires the city to implement Mobility Plan 2035 and redesign streets to be safer for pedestrian and bicyclists.

The Week Ahead

March 12 & 13 | LA City Council is in recess

March 12 | North Valley Area Planning Commission

  • 20012 Chase St, VTT-83673-SL-HCA: Zone change from RA-1 to(T)(Q)RD4-1 and a small lot subdivision resulting in five lots for the construction, use and maintenance of five small lot SFDs

March 12 | Central LA Area Planning Commission

  • 5907 West Franklin Ave, ZA-2023-728-CUB-1A: Appeal to allow the sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption with off-site consumption for take-out orders in conjunction with an existing restaurant (La Poubelle Bistro). Appeal from applicant due to approval condition that detracts from the outdoor seating hours.

  • 1401-1413 N Main St, ZA-2023-1577-CUB-1A: Appeal from People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) to allow the sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption and beer and wine for off-site consumption for a proposed 7,850 sf restaurant with live entertainment, market, and a coffee bar containing 293 seats

  • 1719-1731 North Whitley Ave, DIR-2016-4920-SPR-1A: Appeal of demolition of 6 existing structures and 40 dwelling units and the construction of a 10-story, 160-room hotel with 122 automobile parking spaces. Appeal from United Neighborhoods for Los Angeles.

March 13 | East LA Planning Commission

  • 2115-2125 East Cesar Chavez Ave, DIR-2021-8626-RDP-HCA-1A: Appeal of approval of demolition of two existing mixed-use commercial buildings and the construction of 6-story 51,235 sf mixed-use building with 50 residential units (5 ELI), 4,030 sf ground floor commercial, and FAR of 3.68:1, in Commercial Area of the Adelante Eastside Redevelopment Plan Area

March 14 | South Valley Area Planning Commission

  • 6344 North Sepulveda Blvd, APCSV-2016-1344-CU-ZC-WDI: Addition of 16 outdoor vacuum cleaner stations as an accessory use to an existing car wash, auto repair, and auto lube service. The requested entitlement is for a Zone Change from P-1VL-RIO to C2-1VL-RIO in conformance with the General Commercial land use designation of the Van Nuys-North Sherman Oaks Community Plan. The project is requesting the legalization of an up to eight ft over-in-height fence instead of the 36 inches otherwise permitted and a Waiver of Dedication for a 12 ft sidewalk.

March 14 | LA Citywide Planning Commission

  • 1590 North Eastlake Ave, CPC-2022-9266-CU: Construction of a 7-story multi-discipline research facility (USC Discovery and Translation Hub) to be developed on the westerly portion of the USC Health Sciences Campus


Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

  • 22106 Clarendon St, DIR-2024-1548-SPPC: Interior tenant improvement and facade remodel for existing office space, new finishes throughout, and repair of existing driveway

  • 4849 N Mt Royal Dr, ZA-2024-1560-CU1: Construction of SFD with increased height not to exceed 45 ft over the 28 ft maximum envelope height requirement

  • 17829 Halsted St, CPC-2024-1532-DB-VHCA: New construction, 255 unit, 168,923 sf, 100% affordable housing development seeking off-menu incentives and waivers per LAMC 12.22a, AB1763, AB2345 & AB2334

ED1 Applications

  • 2812 S Western Ave, ADM-2024-1535-DB-VHCA-ED1: Construction of a 100% affordable 7 story, 46 unit apartment building

  • 1540 S Bedford St, ADM-2024-1510-DB-VHCA-ED1: Demolition of duplex and 8-unit apartment; replacement with 100% affordable 7-story, 131-unit apartment building

  • 1721 Colby Ave, ADM-2024-1504-SPPC-VHCA-ED1: Demolition of existing 6 unit building and construction of new 100% affordable 7-story multi-family building with 143 units

Highlighted Completions

  • 1330 Vine St, CPC-2016-5003-GPA-VZC-HD-BL-MCUP-RDP-SPR: Approved construction of 429 residential units (36 units VLI), 55,000 sf grocery store, 5,000 sf of retail use, and 8,988 sf of floor area within existing bungalows and FAR of 6:1. 

  • 3607 N Kinney St, ZA-2023-5368-ZAD-SPP-HCA: Approved with conditions the construction of a new 3 story SFD in Glassell Park

  • 1820 N Berendo St, DIR-2023-5133-TOC-SPP-HCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of existing SFD and construction of new 3-story, 7-unit multi-family building with an ADU

  • 2110 S Barry Ave, AA-2023-5838-PMLA-CN-HCA: Subdivision of a lot in R2-1 zone currently under construction with 2 SFDs into 2 condominiums with request for waiver from filing final parcel map

  • 810 S Mariposa Ave, ENV-2018-1512-ND: ND declaration for proposed 6-story hotel with 95 guest rooms, 129,675 sf in floor area and commercial space for a sit-down restaurant, guest-only bars, and 3 levels of subterranean parking. Requested entitlements include:

    • Zone Change from C2-1 to RAS4-1

    • CUP to allow the construction, use and maintenance of a hotel within 500 feet of any A or R zone

    • ZV to allow vehicular and pedestrian access from a less restrictive zone (RAS4) to a more restrictive zone (R4)

    • CUB to allow sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages

    • ZAA to allow a reduced rear yard of nine ft along the R4 zoned lot in lieu of the required 19 ft otherwise required

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