March 4, 2024

February in Review

Around the Corner

Our second Month in Review.

A Total of 198 planning cases were filed in February 2024— most located in Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, and South Los Angeles Community Plan Areas.

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February in Review 

Case Breakdown by Project Type:

  • Categorical Exemption (CE): 27

  • Executive Directive 1 (ED1): 11 (+60 Pre-Application Reviews, or PAR)

  • Conditional Use Beverage-Alcohol Permits (CUB): 13

  • Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC): 1 (+3 appeals)

  • Appeals: 13

  • General Plan Amendments (GPA): 0

Highlighted Cases

Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC)

  • 436 W 76Th St, ADM-2024-1276-TOC-HCA-ED1: 16-unit (100% affordable housing) apartment building utilizing TOC Tier 2 incentives and requesting one additional incentive for averaging of FAR, density, and open space

  • 4101 Exposition Blvd, DIR-2022-6462-TOC-VHCA-1A: Appeal from adjacent property owners regarding demolition of 10 existing residential units and new construction of a 5-story, 36-unit, 40,306 sf apartment building with 3,150 sf of open space, 28 parking spaces, and 35 bike spaces

  • 974 S Gramercy Dr, DIR-2022-2825-TOC-SPR-HCA-1A: Appeal from Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility (SAFER) of approval for construction of 7-story, mixed-use development with 153 dwelling units and 5,000 sf of ground floor commercial space zoned R3-1 and C2-1


  • 10106 Sunbrook Dr, ENV-2024-1293-EAF: Haul route application for 3,100 c/y of grading in Beverly Hills

  • 636 Lachman Ln, ADM-2024-943-CATEX: CATEX for new proposed SFD over basement with attached garage and detached garage. Mello act requested for demolition of SFD.

  • 6531 Pollard St, DIR-2024-1038-COA: 299 sf one-story addition to an existing 600 sf SFD on contributing lot

The Week Ahead

March 5 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt Committee

  • 3832 Pasadena Ave, DIR-2018-4190-TOC-SPR-1A: Decision on appeal from SAFER on CE as environmental clearance for VTT to construct 100 residential condominium units on five levels over podium including 99 parking & 14 commercial units

March 5 | LA City Council

  • Approve the Affordable Housing Linkage Fee (AHLF) Expenditure Plan

  • Approve an amendment to the SB2/Permanent Local Housing Allocation Plan (PLHA) Program and funding allocation changes for the Central Avenue Apartments project located at 8925 South Central Ave and The Carlton project located at 5423 South Western Ave

March 6 | Santa Monica Planning Commission

If you would like us to include any other types of projects, commissions, or details in the weekly summary, please let us know!

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