May 20 2024

Stackable Density Bonuses

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In planning news, LA City Planning released the implementation memo for AB 1287, State Density Bonus Law. The Additional Density Bonus will be applied in a “stackable” manner, which means projects could potentially obtain a total 100% density bonus by providing the initial percentage of affordable units to secure an initial 50% density bonus.

The Week Ahead

May 21 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt Committee

  • 17533 - 17547 Revello Dr, 17538 - 17550 Tramonto Dr, DIR-2019-6352-CDP-MEL-1A, DIR-2019-5524-CDP-MEL-1A (multiple cases): Approving a Mitigated Negative Declaration, Mitigation Monitoring Program and Errata, as the environmental clearance for the development to occur on 12 existing lots, comprising four separate sites. Project consists of four SFDs on each site, one detached ADU, swimming pools, decks, retaining walls, grading necessary for the residential development, remedial grading, and a 200-foot extension of Revello Drive with required grading (29,148 cy of earthwork).

  • 18111 West Nordhoff Street, CPC-2021-6426-GPA: General Plan Amendment to the Northridge Community Plan and the Mobility Element to: 1) Change the designation of the segment of Etiwanda Avenue between Halsted Street and Vincennes Street from Collector to a Local Street; and 2) Change the designation of the segment of Lindley Avenue between Halsted Street and Plummer Street from Collector to a Local Street

  • 10285 West Missouri Avenue, DIR-2023-208-TOC-HCA: Approving a Categorical Exemption as the environmental clearance for the construction of a six-story 56-foot-tall residential apartment building comprised of 20 residential dwelling units (2 ELI units), with a FAR of approximately 4.5:1 and 27,185 sf of floor area

May 23 | LA City Planning Commission

  • 17017 – 17031 West Ventura Blvd, CPC-2018-3286-VZC-HD-SPE-ELD-SPPA-SPP-SPR: Construction of 2 buildings on one standard lot and one master ground lot containing three air space lots. The first lot will be developed with a 3-story medical office building containing 55,416 sf of floor area. The second set of lots will contain 90 Eldercare guest rooms comprised of 66 senior assisted living guest rooms and 24 Alzheimer's/Dementia guest rooms in a five-story building. Project requests deviations from permit, including 80,225 sf of floor area in lieu of 35,663 sf for a 2.25:1 FAR in lieu of a 1:1 FAR permitted in the Ventura / Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan.

  • 1590 North Eastlake Ave, CPC-2022-9266-CU: Construction of a new seven-story, 143.5-in-height, multi-discipline research facility (USC Discovery and Translation Hub) proposed to be developed on the westerly portion of the USC Health Sciences Campus.

  • 8016 North Fair Ave, CPC-2023-6037-DB-HCA: New 54,604 sf residential building containing 39 units which are 100% affordable (restricted to one manager's unit; 31 LI and 7 MI units). Requests off-menu incentives for RFAR of 2.44 in lieu of 0.45 RFAR in R1 zone, and reductions in side yard and open space requirements

  • 4101 – 4119 West Exposition Blvd, DIR-2022-6462-TOC-VHCA-1A: Decision on partial appeal from local homeowner of approval of new five-story residential development with 36 dwelling units (4 ELI and 1 VLI unit). The Project will have a FAR of approximately 3.6:1 with approximately 40,306 sf of floor area and 3,150 sf of Open Space. The Project will provide 28 parking spaces and export approximately 500 cy of soil.

  • 4112 – 4136 South Del Rey Ave, DIR-2022-9016-DB-SPR-VHCA-1A: Decision on appeal from Concerned Residents of Glencoe Avenue over approval of new six-story, 66-foot-high residential building with 210 units. The proposed building will be approximately 253,974 sf with a FAR of 2.06:1.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 612 E 43rd St, ADM-2024-3094-RDP: Multi-unit apartment building with two affordable units in Southeast Los Angeles

  • 811 Ocean Front Walk, DIR-2024-3128-SPPC-MEL-HCA: Mixed-used project with ground floor retail and one dwelling unit in Venice

  • 620 Locust St, DIR-2024-3134-CDO: CDO review for interior/exterior remodel, conversion of 387 sf of crawl space into habitable area, addition of 66.58 sf to existing SFD, and enclosed portion of a patio

  • 375 N Carolwood Dr, AA-2024-3115-PMEX: A lot line adjustment between 2 parcels in the RE40-1 zone in Bel Air-Beverly Crest

  • 1403 Innes Pl, DIR-2024-2956-CDP-MEL-HCA: Conversion of an attached garage into an ADU (581 sf) for an existing 8-unit building

  • 3065 W 8Th St, ADM-2024-3154-RDP: LED Illuminated wall sign 2'-0" long X 3'-0" high, 12'-9" height from grade, 30.1 sf

Santa Monica

  • 1640 5th St, 24ENT-0086: SB330 application for a proposed 8-story multifamily residential building totaling 135 residential units with 16 affordable units and three levels of subterranean parking

  • 1550 Lincoln Blvd, 24ENT-0087: Zoning Compliance Letter request for a mixed-use building.

Highlighted Completions (City of LA)

  • 905 Irolo St, DIR-2023-8454-TOC-HCA: Approved with conditions a proposed new 7-story, 34-unit multifamily development in Koreatown

  • 6954 W 77Th St, ZA-2023-1417-ZAA: Approved with conditions the continued use and maintenance of existing over-in-height fence and hedges in Westchester - Playa del Rey

  • 528 Westminster Ave, DIR-2023-3978-CDP-MEL-HCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of an existing detached garage and construction of a new ADU over a 6-car carport in Venice

  • 11911 Wilshire Blvd, DIR-2022-6249-DB-CDO-SPR-WDI-HCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of a commercial building and construction, use, and maintenance of a mixed-use development consisting of 81 dwelling units and 3,558 square feet of commercial space

  • 1859 Garfield Pl, DIR-2020-3837-TOC-SPP-HCA: Approved with conditions the construction, use, and maintenance of a new 5-story, approx. 56 ft in height apartment building containing a total of 60 units (6 VLI) with subterranean parking

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