May 28, 2024

Happy Memorial Day!

Around the Corner

We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!

Summary of recent housing news:

  • California is not on track to reach its 2022 goal of building 2.5 million housing units by 2030. Nearly ¼ of Southern California cities still lack state-approved plans to accommodate new housing development

  • Report from the Little Hoover Commission has identified CEQA as the most significant barrier to meeting the 2.5 million unit goal

  • More than 1,200 LA-owned homeless housing units remain vacant two years after purchase, according to Westside Current

  • This morning, LA City Council will call for the creation of a Digital Code of Ethics to oversee the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the City

The Week Ahead

May 28 | LA City Council

  • INSTRUCT the Information Technology Agency (ITA) to prepare a Citywide Digital Code of Ethics (Emerging Technology Guidelines), which should include, with the assistance of the City Attorney, an AI Safety Checklist for new AI applications. Additionally, ITA shall prepare a request form for all departments seeking to implement new AI tools to submit to ITA for review.

  • 5240 North Lankershim Blvd, DIR-2022-6485-TOC-SPR-VHCA-1A: Adopt findings and deny the appeal of SAFER, approving a CE for a new seven-story (92-ft tall), 128-unit (13 ELI) mixed-use building and 5,000 sf of ground floor commercial uses. The project will provide 71 automobile parking spaces and 101 bicycle parking spaces.

  • 1814 Fox Hills Dr, 10285 W. Missouri Ave Apts, DIR-2023-208-TOC-HCA: Adopt findings and deny the appeal from Fix the City, approving a CE for a six-story 56-ft-tall residential apartment building comprised of 20 residential dwelling units (2 ELI). FAR of 4.5:1 with 27,185 sf of floor area and 15 parking spaces. The project will require a haul route to export approximately 3,900 cy of soil.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 1459 Hi Point St, DIR-2023-4996-TOC-HCA-1A: Appeal of new 5-story 20-unit multi-family TOC building (2 ELI units), arguing that project does not qualify for Tier 3 TOC incentives as the proposed bus lines have been discontinued and does not qualify for Q Conditions given lack of proposed open space

  • 17774 Tramonto Dr, DIR-2024-3286-CDP: Civil remediation work associated with the slope failure that has occurred on the property in Pacific Palisades

    • 17800 Tramonto Dr, ZA-2024-3338-CDP-ZV: Permitting existing non-permitted 3,669 sf addition to existing 8,392 sf SFD and civil remediation for slope failure

  • 15116 Roxford St, ZA-2024-3307-ELD: Eldercare Unified Permit for an eldercare facility with 46 beds in conjunction with an existing duplex located in the RD1.5-1XL Zone

  • 11950 Riverside Dr, DIR-2024-3313-SPPC-HCA: Construction of a 4-unit, 36-foot, multi-family building in the Valley Village Specific Plan and the R3-1 Zone

  • 1102 Crenshaw Blvd, CPC-2024-3343-DB-PR-VHCA: New 8-story mixed-use building with 194 dwelling units (23 VLI)

  • 341 S Alvarado St, ADM-2024-3325-RDP: Interior Alteration to replace (200 sf) drywall

Highlighted Completions (City of LA)

  • 1839 N Kenmore Ave, VTT-83080-SL-HCA: Approved with conditions a small lot subdivision VTT map for 6 new SFDs in Hollywood

  • 2645 Menlo Ave, ZA-2022-5035-DB-CU-SPP-COA-HCA: Partially approved construction of a multi-family residential building consisting of six dwelling units at the rear of two existing historic multi-family residential building consisting of twelve dwelling units

  • 2815 Beach Ave, DIR-2023-8137-CDP-MEL-HCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of existing garage and construction of a new 2-story ADU in Venice

  • 1111 S Figueroa St, DIR-2023-8477-SPP: Approved with conditions a proposed new 51.67 sf LED band sign, "coke studio", at stadium

  • 928 S Western Ave, ZA-2024-1207-MCUP: Approved with conditions the sale and dispensing of beer and wine for on-site consumption in up to 6 restaurants in an existing food court with 12 restaurants in Koreatown. Food court has a performance stage & DJ entertainment.

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