June 3, 2024

May in Review ☁️

Around the Corner

June gloom has begun ☁️

Are ED 1 project applications slowing down? Maybe a little. Applications have decreased by 25% from April, with the largest decrease in Pre-Application Reviews (PARs). In March, there were 50 PARs; in April, there were 70, compared to 28 this month.

May in Review 

LA City Council ADU Motions

City of LA Case Breakdown by Project Type:

  • Categorical Exemption (CE): 48

  • Executive Directive 1 (ED1): 28 (+28 Pre-Application Reviews, or PAR)

  • Conditional Use Beverage-Alcohol (CUB) or Restaurant Beverage Program-Alcohol (RBPA): 22

  • Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC): 2 (5 appeals)

  • Appeals: 7

Highlighted Cases

City of LA

  • 4942 Fulton Ave, AA-2024-3419-PM-HCA: Demolition of existing SFD and accessory structures and subdivision of lot into two lots (construction of two new SFDs and two new ADUs)

  • 11950 Riverside Dr, DIR-2024-3313-SPPC-HCA: Construction of a 4-unit, 36-foot, multi-family building in the Valley Village Specific Plan and the R3-1 Zone

  • 6832 S Esplanade, DIR-2024-2964-CDP-MEL-HCA: Construction of 3-story, 3-unit multifamily building over ground level garage with elevator and roof deck with two side yard retaining walls in Playa Del Rey

  • 1114 N Heliotrope Dr, DIR-2021-1238-TOC-SPP-HCA-1A: Appeal of approval of two TOC projects, with the appellant arguing that the two projects are one development split in half to evade environmental analysis and site plan review

  • 1403 Innes Pl, DIR-2024-2956-CDP-MEL-HCA: Conversion of an attached garage into an ADU (581 sf) for an existing 8-unit building

  • 1459 Hi Point St, DIR-2023-4996-TOC-HCA-1A: Appeal of new 5-story 20-unit multi-family TOC building (2 ELI units), arguing that project does not qualify for Tier 3 TOC incentives as the proposed bus lines have been discontinued and does not qualify for Q Conditions given lack of proposed open space

City of Santa Monica

  • 2122 Navy St, 24ENT-0097: Sb 9 application for a lot split subdivision for an existing front parcel with a residential unit (resided by the homeowner), while the new lot created at the rear of the property has no current plans for development at this time

  • 1550 Lincoln Blvd, 24ENT-0087: Zoning Compliance Letter request for a mixed-use building

City of Pasadena

  • 360 San Palo Pl, PPC2024-00001: PPC for SB 9 Urban Lot Split with new two-story SFR and attached ADU above a new attached two-car garage

  • 228 S Mentor Ave, DHP2024-00115: Application to demolish existing SFD to build 9-unit condominium development with subterranean parking

Culver City

  • 4396 Vinton Ave, P2024-0113: Address assignment for converted ADU (b23-0812)

  • 9300 Culver Blvd, P2024-0112: Zoning Conformance Letter for Pop's Bagels

The Week Ahead

June 4 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt Committee

  • 2662-2668 South Barrington Ave, CPC-2023-4250-DB-HCA-1A: Recommendation to deny appeal and approve Density Bonus for a housing development project consisting of 21 dwelling units (3 VLI units) with the following On-Menu Incentives: a) increase in FAR to 3.54:1 in lieu of 3:1 FAR in the R3-1 Zone; and, b) 20% side yard setback reduction to allow a side yard setback of six feet and five inches in lieu of the otherwise required eight-feet in the R3-1 Zone

  • 7315-7321 West Pyramid Pl, ZA-2021-10466-ZAD-DRB-SPP-MSP-1A: CEQA Appeal filed by Angelenos for Trees regarding determination in approving a CE as the environmental clearance for the construction, use, and maintenance of a new 3,765 sf, three-story SFD with an attached 380 sf street level, two-car garage, pool, and spa on a lot fronting on a Substandard Hillside Limited Street, alongside associated grading

June 5 | West LA Area Planning Commission

  • 148 North Chautauqua Blvd, APCW-2022-3115-DRB-SPP-SPE-CDP-ZAA-MEL: Coastal development permit and major project permit comp. w/ DRB approval for demolition of existing unpermitted structures and the construction of a new two-story mixed-use structure consisting of a covered parking lot on the ground level, 1,415 sf of office use on the level below, and two dwelling units on the lowermost level. The site is a vacant downward sloping, hillside lot in the Pacific Palisades Commercial Village and Neighborhoods Specific Plan, Neighborhood Area A.

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