March 25, 2024

LA's Wildlife Ordinance 🐾

Around the Corner

Did you know that LA City Planning is working on passing a new Wildlife Ordinance? On June 20, 2023, the proposed Ordinance was approved by LA City Council’s PLUM Committee and will proceed to City Council in 2024.

What you need to know:
  • New limitations will be imposed on residential building size, grading, and floor area in the Santa Monica Mountains hillside area

  • Regulations include building height limits (45 ft), grading restrictions (45 degrees), and requirements for wildlife-friendly fences and tinted windows

  • Permits will not be issued for any project with proposed remedial grading of 1,000 cy or more, or projects creating a residential floor area of 6,000 sf or more (unless site plan approval has been obtained)

  • There will be a lower standard for triggering a site plan review; the City is expected to expand these restrictions to other hillside communities

The Week Ahead

LA City Council is in recess this week

March 28 | LA City Planning Commission

  • 7401 North Shoup Ave, CPC-2019-4086-CU-ZV: El Camino Charter School has requested modifications that include two signs accessory to the school: 1) ~77.1 sf, non-illuminated wall sign on an east-facing wall that surrounds the parking lot at the southern portion of the site; and 2) an approximately 2.4 sf, non-illuminated wall sign on an east facing wall at the school frontage

  • 2336 – 2346 North Hyperion Ave, CPC-2023-480-DB-HCA: Demo of existing commercial buildings and garage for the construction of new mixed-use, 15-unit (2 VLI units) apartment building with a FAR of 1.8:1. Project will be 4 stories and 60 ft in height, comprising 3 residential floors, ground-floor parking and 974 sf of ground-floor commercial space, and one level of subterranean parking (17-spaces) in Silverlake

  • 1807 North Van Ness Ave, DIR-2023-5089-TOC-SPP-VHCA-1A: Demo of SFD and guest home and construction of one 3,085 sf duplex, one 3,308 sf duplex, and one 1,079 sf single-family residence, for a total of 5 residential dwelling units located within Subarea A of the Vermont/Western Station Neighborhood Area Plan Specific Plan. Appeal from a neighboring property owner regarding height and side yard approvals, including a 22 ft increase in height requirement, allowing up to 52 ft in overall height in lieu of the 30 ft permitted


Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

  • 10329 Siesta Dr, DIR-2024-1910-SPPC: One story addition (273 sf) to existing single-story SFD with attached garage, relocate and extend the new garage (108 sf), and remodel the house within the San Gabriel/Verdugo Mountains Scenic Preservation Specific Plan

  • 1745 Correa Way, ZA-2024-1915-CU1: Class 1 conditional use permit to construct a new over-in-height fence in the front yard setback in Brentwood-Pacific Palisades

  • 866 S Western Ave, DIR-2024-1873-TOC-PR-VHCA: Demolition of a 20,518 sf retail building and construction of a new 129,128 sf (3.75 FAR), 6-story mixed-use building with 157 dwelling units (10% at ELI level)

Appeals (March 2024)

  • 1532 Cassil Pl, ZA-2023-4977-CUB-1A: Conditional use permit to allow sales of a full line of alcohol for on-site consumption in conjunction with a private tenant's clubhouse within the residential part of a mixed-use building. Appeal from Citizens for a Better LA with concerns about request to serve alcohol at a “residential” building

  • 957 Arapahoe St, ENV-2022-7886-CE-1A: Appeal of CEQA Exemption for a 5-story, 109-unit multi-family apartment building with on-site affordable housing from Supporters Alliance for Environmental Responsibility (SAFER)

  • 17550 Tramonto Dr, ENV-2019-5520-MND-1A: Appeal of MND from the Castellammare Mesa Home Owners organization regarding build of four single-family residences in the Pacific Palisades hillside area (within a landslide zone)

  • 6715 N Columbus Ave, DIR-2022-5107-TOC-SPR-VHCA-1A: Appeal of new construction of a 268,229 sf, 405-unit apartment development in a 6-story, 66-foot bldg with 2.83 to 1 FAR, 32,813 sf open space, 556 vehicle spaces, and 194 bike spaces

Highlighted Completions

  • 2662 S Barrington Ave, CPC-2023-4250-DB-HCA: Corrected Letter of Determination for demo of 2 existing SFDs and construction of a new 27,313 sf, 5-story residential building. The project provides 21 dwelling units (3 VLI) with 39 parking spaces in Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey. Off-menu incentive allows for 55 ft, 6 in height in lieu of otherwise allowed 45 ft

  • 14535 Ventura Blvd, ZA-2023-5871-CUB-SPP: Approved new illuminated channel letter wall sign (6'-6" x 2'0) and exterior wall façade change and change of use from existing 1-story, 1,618.0 sf of commercial retail to restaurant and bar with 24 (unfixed) indoor seats

Single Family Dwellings (SFD)

  • 13170 Mulholland Dr, DIR-2023-4095-DRB-SPP-MSP-HCA: Approved with conditions the demolition of a 2,300 sf existing single-family residence and garage for the construction of a new 5,289.79 sf 1-story over basement single-family residence

  • 131 S Vista St, DIR-2023-4904-COA: Approved with conditions a proposed addition to existing SFD consisting of a rear addition of 312 sf to the main floor and a new 880 sf second floor. Remodel interior finishes throughout.

  • 10453 Foothill Blvd, DIR-2023-7436-SPP: Approved with conditions a new one-story 1,189 square-foot detached storage building to an existing 1,654 square-foot residence and existing carport (400 sf), for a new total of a 3,243 sf home on an approximate 20,014.10 sf lot in the RA-1-K zone and within the San Gabriel/Verdugo Mountains Scenic Preservation Specific Plan

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