July 1, 2024

June in Review 🎇

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We wish you a safe and enjoyable 4th of July! 🎇
LA City Planning has posted its updated Planning and Land Use fee schedule, taking effect today, July 1. Read the memo.
LA and Santa Monica Planning Commissions are canceled this week due to the holidays.

June in Review 

LA City Council

  • Adopted and Appeal Denied

    • 2662-2668 South Barrington Ave, CPC-2023-4250-DB-HCA-1A: 5-story housing development project consisting of 21 dwelling units (3 VLI), with On-Menu Incentives: a) an On-Menu Incentive to allow an increase in FAR to 3.54:1 instead of the otherwise permitted 3:1 in the R3­-1 Zone; and, b) an On-Menu Incentive to allow a 20 percent side yard setback reduction to allow a side yard setback of six feet and five inches instead of the otherwise required eight-feet in the R3-­1 Zone

City of LA Case Breakdown by Project Type:

  • Executive Directive 1 (ED1): 29 (+42 Pre-Application Reviews, or PAR)

  • Conditional Use Beverage-Alcohol (CUB) or Restaurant Beverage Program-Alcohol (RBPA): 27

  • Transit-Oriented Communities (TOC): 4 (1 appeal)

  • Appeals: 11

Highlighted Cases

City of LA

  • 754 Hope St, CPC-2017-505-TDR-ZV-SPPA-DD-SPR-1A: PLUM adopts EIR findings and LAPC decisions (see report) for approval for a Transfer of Floor Area Rights (TFAR) exceeding 50,000 sf pursuant to Section 14.5.6A of the LAMC. Appeals denied from 1) CREED LA and 2) Richard Becher, Digital Realty, over the determination of the LACPC. Project is a 50-story mixed-use development with 580 residential units and up to 7,499 sf ground floor commercial, retail, and restaurant space on a 34,679 sf lot, with a height of 592 ft and FAR of 9.25:1.

  • 6571 Fountain Ave, ADM-2024-3790-RDP: Approved 3-story irregular shaped 5-unit apartment with attached garage and recreation room to existing one-story single-family dwelling, and alter and remodel existing SFD (1 VLI unit)

  • 806 S Manhattan Pl, DIR-2024-3627-TOC-HCA: TOC review for new 33-unit residential building in Koreatown

  • 7800 Beverly Blvd, VTT-83387-1A: Multiple appeals of Planning decision to adopt the Television City (TVC) Studio 2050 Project EIR Environmental Findings and general plan amendment, zone change, height district change, specific plan, and sign district for establishing a TVC 2050 specific plan for general office, production/studio office, stages, support, retail, and parking. Appellants include The Grove, Park La Brea Impacted Residents Group, Miracle Mile Residential Association, Beverly Wilshire Homes Association, etc.

City of Santa Monica

  • 609 Colorado Ave, 24ENT-0102: Administrative approval for a new 24-story mixed-use building with a total of 264 units (40 units being affordable), 4,030 sf of retail, 8,509 of amenity space, 4,000 sf of rooftop deck, and two levels of subterranean parking (98 parking stalls total)

  • 1655 26th St, 24ENT-0111: Preliminary application for an 8-story mixed-use building totaling 381 residential units and 2,110 sf of commercial space and 1 ground level and 2 subterranean parking levels totaling 402 parking spaces

  • 1643 Euclid St, 23ENT-0199: ARB approved construction of Tier 2, three-story, 38,995 sf creative office building with two levels of subterranean parking in the Industrial Conservation (IC) Zoning District

City of Pasadena

  • 713-719 Locust St, DHP2024-00098: Project plans and designs reviewed by the Design Commission for project to demolish 7 multi-family units and three non-historic buildings and construction of a new 27-unit, five and six-story multi-family residential with partial subterranean parking.

The Week Ahead

July 2 | LA Planning and Land Use Mgmt (PLUM) Committee

  • Decision on Interim Control Ordinance with an urgency clause to prohibit demolition permits on rent-stabilized multi-family housing and covenanted affordable housing units in the Boyle Heights Community Plan area. See Staff Report.

  • Evaluation of recommendations to streamline and improve the ground-mounted solar permitting and approval process found under LAMC 12.24.U.7

  • 1330-1360 North Vine Street, multiple cases: Project proposes a mixed-use development on a two-acre site with two development options: Residential or Office. Both Options would demolish 32,844 sf of commercial and vacant residential uses while rehabilitating six existing bungalows. Residential Option would develop a 33-story, 429-unit (36 VLI) building with four levels of subterranean parking, 55,000 sf grocery store, and 5,000 sf of retail uses for a FAR of 6:1.

    Residential Option for 1330 North Vine Street from Onni Group, approved by LACPC, being reviewed at PLUM Committee

    • VTT-74613-2A: Decision on report from the LACPC and appeals filed by 1) SAFER and 2) Donna Williams, from the determination of the LACPC in denying the appeals for a Vesting Tentative Tract for the merger and re-subdivision of a two-acre (89,559 sf) site into three ground lots for condominium purposes, and a Haul Route for the export of up to 321,060 cy of soil

    • CPC-2016-3777-VZC-HD-BL-DB-MCUP-ZAD-RDP-SPR: Decision on effectuating a Vesting Zone and Height District Change from C4-2D-SN to (T)(Q)C4-2-SN and from R4-2D to (T)(Q)C4-2; and a Building Line Removal to remove a 10-foot building line along Vine Street

    • CPC-2016-3777-VZC-HD-BL-DB-MCUP-ZAD-RDP-SPR-1A: Decision on appeal filed by Donna Williams from the determination in approving a Main Conditional Use Permit for the sales and service of a full line of alcoholic beverages within a grocery store and three restaurants; allows commercial uses within six relocated historic bungalows within the R3-1XL Zone.

    • CPC-2016-5003-GPA-VZC-HD-BL-MCUP-RDP-SPR: Reports from the Mayor and the Los Angeles City Planning Commission relative to a Resolution for a General Plan Amendment to the Hollywood Community Plan to change the land use designation from Medium Residential to Regional Center for the eastern portion of the Site, and draft Ordinances relative to effectuating a Vesting Zone and Height District Change from C4-2D-SN to (T)(Q)C4-2-SN for the four westerly parcels, and from R4-2D and R3-1XL to (T)(Q)C4-2 for the remaining nine parcels

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