June 10, 2024

TVC 2050 faces appeals

Around the Corner

The Television City Studios Expansion and Specific Plan Amendment at 7716-7860 Beverly Blvd faces both opposition and support from local residents. Multiple appeals were filed last week, while 350 community members attended the online hearing.

Television City Studio Expansion

LA is losing a DMV, with the conversion to a 246-unit mixed-use building with ground-floor grocery at 11623 Glenoaks Blvd in Pacoima. The project will utilize on-menu Density Bonus incentives and request a zone change.

The Week Ahead

June 11 | LA City Council

  • 2662-2668 South Barrington Ave, CPC-2023-4250-DB-HCA-1A: Recommendations to adopt findings and deny the appeal for a 5-story housing development project consisting of 21 dwelling units (3 VLI), with the following On-Menu Incentives: a) an On-Menu Incentive to allow an increase in FAR to 3.54:1 in lieu of the otherwise permitted 3:1 FAR in the R3­-1 Zone; and, b) an On-Menu Incentive to allow a 20 percent side yard setback reduction to allow a side yard setback of six feet and five inches instead of the otherwise required eight-feet in the R3-­1 Zone

June 11 | Central LA City Planning Commission

  • 950 Flower St, 949 South Hope Str, ZA-2017-4610-CU-MCUP-SPR-1A: Decision on appeal from Skyline Homeowners Association over demolition of an existing three-story office building and the construction of a 251,222 sf, 27-story residential tower with 236 residential apartment units and 10,010 sf of ground floor commercial restaurant space (6,699 sf indoors and 3,311 sf outdoors). Project includes 179 automobile parking spaces.

  • 1522–1538 North Cassil Pl, ZA-2023-4977-CUB-1A: Decision on appeal from Citizens for a Better Los Angeles over the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption in conjunction with a private residents' club within a new mixed-use development (previously approved under DIR-2019-2593-TOC-SPR). The sale of alcoholic beverages will be located within a 769 sf club room with eight interior seats and four exterior seats within an 804 sf outdoor deck, as well as an additional 584 sf club room located on the eighth floor with 11 interior seats and 76 exterior seats within a 2,060 sf outdoor deck. Alcoholic beverage service is restricted to tenants and their guests only.

  • 400 North Kingsley Dr, DIR-2022-4412-WDI-1A: Decision on appeal from Applicant over the decision to deny a Waiver of Street Dedication of eight feet along the east side of North Kingsley Dr alongside the construction of two four-story duplexes with attached garages, for a total of four units

June 13 | LA City Planning Commission

  • 2958 Lowell Ave; 949 South Hope St, CPC-2024-551-GPA-ZC-HD: Proposal to update the General Plan Land Use designations and Zoning for properties that were previously designated as Public Facilities or Open Space and zoned PF-1, R1-1, R1- 1-HPOZ, R3-1, or R4-1-HPOZ in anticipation of the I-710 Freeway Expansion

  • 6626 Hollywood Blvd; 1610-1638 North Las Palmas Ave, CPC-2022-3867-DB-MCUP-SPR-WDI-HCA: New 13-story, 201,880 sf mixed-use building with 240 dwelling units (27 VLI) with max. building height of 155 ft over two subterranean parking levels with 108 vehicular parking spaces. The Project will maintain 27,881 sf of existing commercial space and 25,500 sf of open space, including a courtyard on the third level, a community room on the 13th floor, a roof deck area, and private balconies.

  • 9701, 9707, 9711, 9715, 9719, 9723 South Main St, CPC-2022-2560-CU: Expansion of an existing 21,600 sf public charter middle school (Alliance College Ready Middle Academy No.4) onto the adjoining lot to the north in the CM-1-CPIO Zone (Subarea J: Hybrid Industrial). The proposed expansion includes the construction of a one-story, 2,477 sf multi-purpose room building, one-story, 3,014 sf four classroom and administrative office building, and a one-story 519 sf student locker/toilet building on the adjoining lot and the existing school campus, a 2,730 sf playground area, four on-site automobile parking spaces, and 16 short term and two long term bicycle spaces.

Week in Review 

Highlighted Case Applications

Los Angeles

  • 7554 Bellaire Ave, AA-2024-3632-PM-HCA; APCNV-2024-3631-ZC-HCA: Subdivision of one parcel into two lots, zone change from an RA zone to an R1 zone. Construction of 2-story two dwelling units on the lot facing Bellaire Avenue and maintenance on the other lot

  • 5701 Bandera St, ADM-2024-3583-CPIOC: Demolition of an existing 624 Sq. Ft. one-story single-family dwelling and porch. Noted: no future development project.

  • 806 S Manhattan Pl, DIR-2024-3627-TOC-HCA: TOC review for new 33-unit residential building

  • 4900 Corbin Ave, ADM-2024-3607-PMUL-HCA: Urban lot split per SB 9 for new single-family dwelling and new ADU

  • 7800 Beverly Blvd, VTT-83387-1A: Multiple appeals of Planning decision to adopt the Television City (TVC) Studio 2050 Project EIR Environmental Findings and general plan amendment, zone change, height district change, specific plan, and sign district for establishing a TVC 2050 specific plan for general office, production/studio office, stages, support, retail, and parking. Appellants include The Grove, Park La Brea Impacted Residents Group, Miracle Mile Residential Association, Beverly Wilshire Homes Association, etc.

City of Santa Monica

  • 609 Colorado Ave, 24ENT-0102: Administrative approval for a new 24-story mixed-use building with a total of 264 units (40 units being affordable), 4,030 sf of retail, 8,509 of amenity space, 4,000 sf of rooftop deck, and two levels of subterranean parking (98 parking stalls total)

  • 259 25Th St, 24ENT-0098: SB 9 conformance review for the demolition of an existing single-family residence and the construction of two new SB 9 residences and an ADU

Highlighted Completions (City of LA)

  • 1261 Isabel St, ZA-2017-3604-ZAA-SPP-HCA: Approved new single SFD with an attached two-car garage on a vacant R1 lot

  • 3600 Wilshire Blvd, CPC-2016-3412-VZC-HD-ZAA-SPR: Approved construction of two 23-story mixed-use buildings with 760 dwelling units and 6,359 sf. of commercial uses with a total new floor area of 660,040 sf

  • 360 E 2nd St, ZA-2024-377-CU: Approved conversion of tenant space into an arcade use in Little Tokyo

  • 11920 Ventura Blvd, ZA-2024-355-CUB: Approved CUB for onsite consumption of full line of alcoholic beverages with an existing restaurant with 46 indoor/28 outdoor seats in Studio City

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